March 2016 – Robert Bickel

Featured Artist

Wave and Time Studies

Through March 2016
at the Public Service Center
Sixth Floor Gallery
1300 Franklin Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

First Friday Art Walk
March 4th, 2016
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Entertainment by Hudson Bay High School orchestra students, under the direction of Robin Sonderland.

Light refreshments served.


#12 wave study,  oil on canvas,  48x36

#12 Wave Study, oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″

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The accidental laws of physics and nature,
the absoluteness of ‘time’.
Behind everything in the universe lies concealed an elegant but elusive scientific formula.
The world we see is but a convenient and simplistic approximation,
its true nature only revealed to us in riddles and abstractions.
It it from this humbled perspective and a professional history in
architectural design that I draw inspiration

As for the subject of the ocean wave,
it represents for me not just physical beauty and force
but also a progression in time;
a long languid journey from afar, a chaotic deconstruction… then nonexitstence
And as for the subject of ‘time’ itself,
an abstraction as omnipotent and poorly understood as it is,
surely is a subject deserving of artistic reflection
even if fully unresolved.

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